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Commercial Litigation
Breach of Contract

Business disputes often involve high stakes and present complicated issues.  In breach of contract cases, complex language and economics must be explained to a judge or jury.  In fraud cases and partner disputes, novel issues of law and perplexing business scenarios have to be argued. 


When it comes to commercial litigation, a higher quality of advocacy is required.  A litigator with scientific training, who can argue based on robust logic and understand intricate economics is better suited.  But even this is not enough.  What you truly need is a trial lawyer.


A trial lawyer has the ability to distill difficult business and legal issues for judges and juries.  He is always thinking of the end game – trial.  Despite the volume and complexity of issues in commercial litigation, a trial lawyer will focus on the areas that are important for trial.  He knows what evidence to seek and how to get it.  A trial lawyer will not waste time or legal fees on spurious motion practice or superfluous discovery.  Knowing how the ultimate contest is fought at trial allows him to concentrate on the key issues – and cut out the rest.  A trial lawyer will also get you a better settlement.  He will force your adversary to accept your offer or face trial, for which you will be better prepared. 


A trial lawyer will position your case for trial – and he will do it efficiently, without the expense of unnecessary battles.  That is how we do it at Phillips Lex.  We are a trial law firm.

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